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 At Glamazon we enjoy success because of several reasons. One of the top reasons is that we value the people who work here and that shows in our commitment to development of the individuals that work here, just ask any of them! Glamazon is always looking for career oriented individuals who want to work in a fast paced, high energy environment.  A position here is not for everyone! But, if you would like to learn how to work less and make more $$$ all while enjoying the recognition of being a part of the "It" salon of West Michigan, then Glamazon may be the place for you. Fun loving personalities preferred. Designer, Nail Specialists and Estheticians are the choices to make as you join the Urban Professionals at Glamazon.

If you are looking for an exciting career, please come in person to the salon and drop off your resume.

We are currently looking for experienced designers to join us!

 We are looking for experienced stylists to join our growing company! You must have a love for the industry, a will to expand your horizons and able to have fun while you work. Our unique culture may be just what your looking for to break through the stale energy and/or limited growth you may be experiencing with your current employment. 

 If you would like to join the company that's on everyone's lips; call 231.725.0700 or email to schedule an audition.