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Glamazon "Quick Tips"


Second (and Third) Day Hair

If you worked at getting your do just right and want to wear it for a second day, simply spray our Paul Mitchell Dry Wash  lightly at the scalp. Lightly and quickly massage in and watch it errupt with oil free volume for the second and third day.

Want Volume that lasts?

Start by isolating the crown area of your head. Spray Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray on each section at the scalp area. Then back comb making sure to pat backcombing all the way to your scalp with the comb. Then spray again.

Mornings for Busy Mom's

Mornings as "mom" can be hectic, a quick tip for the gal on-the-go is to try putting dry hair in hot rollers. While your rollers are cooling you'll have time to apply your make-up or get breakfast started.

Finding time for yourself to get ready on busy school day mornings can be virtually impossible. To save time, try washing and styling your hair before you go to bed. For curly hair try using Redken Curl Force and Redken Fresh Curls Curl Refiner to diffuse and touch it up in the morning with a curling iron. For hair that needs volume, we recommend blow drying with Pureology Root Lift or Redken Full Frame with a round brush. Don't forget, for all day hold to use Pureology InCharge Plus or Redken Forceful #23 finishing spray.